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Especially solicitors who would prefer to give parking and other minor traffic contraventions a wide berth!

The website is designed to keep you OUT of court and thus does NOT cause you any stress.
Nor is success rate traceable for matters that NEVER reach court

Who wants to go to court? Far better to stay away wherever possible and avoid court costs!

What Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions UNIQUELY offers

Fair Parking offers the most PROVEN comprehensive answer to ANY style of parking enforcement whether via a private parking company (parking charge notice), or local authorities (penalty charge notice) where bailiff action is resorted to post haste, and illegal throughout . Our service includes 100% protection against ALL court summonses and interventions (parking is a CIVIL matter), arrests for alleged obstructions of a bounty hunting bailiff (now called 'enforcement agents') or alleged warrants of control (100% fakes - if they bother to produce them at all). Particularly beware of those on 'smart' phones who are simply contacting their own office and NOT any court Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions also offers a 100% no quibble refund for any case involving a private parking company in the event of it obtaining a county court judgment against those who use our service - and we can promise that as nobody who has ever issued a court summons has ever succeeded in getting a CCJ once Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions has written to them producing our damning and indefensible statements.


Never Pay the Claimant!

NEVER PAY THE FINE! It isn’t even a fine – it is an unlawful demand from a bullying chancer who thinks that you are a soft target from which to make illegal money. The next tactic is to double or even treble this demand< The whole ticket business is just ‘smoke and mirrors’ that is easily thwarted. It just takes a person who does know the real procedure to expose these companies for the conmen they are, as they know deep down that NO ticket isenforceable due to the sloppy and arrogant procedure that all councils and private parking companies automatically adopt and without any real thought A few years back the RAC Foundation recorded 1.57 MILLION tickets had been written out in a calendar year – a 100,00 increase over the previous year, such is the acceleration of this largely unregulated abut profitable industry the has seen its directors make millions from people who have broken NO laws. That is equivalent to one ticket being issued every 12 seconds meaning that one in five people is likely to receive a parking ticket from one of these pseudo pretend ‘official’ companies this year. Little wonder that the RAC Foundation described this as an ‘epidemic’. Although we cannot prevent these pretend companies from their obnoxious approach to motorists, we can protect those they seek to make illegal gains from even when these conmen send out summonses. Local authorities do not even have to do that – but that does not protect them from their own thoughtless and blind approach. We have an envious track record of unchallenged success dating back 16 years which is why we offer a unique money back gurantee to ANYBODY who loses a county court case after we have provided a defence. These chancers can NEVER win no matter how hard they try. Sending out court summonses as if they were confetti will NOT help them to gain a penny. This is why we say that our objective is to keep our client OUT of court as few private parking companies ever challenge our defences in a court of law,


Stop All Enforcement proceedings

It doesn't matter how far enforcement proceedings have gone including CCJs in both England and Scotland, Tow Aways, Bailiff Fees, Threats of Court Action, Arrests etcFair Parking Is The Answer - as its name suggests


Advice For those under threat

The very first thing that you MUST do, is send me a copy by email of anything you have received that is causing you distress. I cannot do anything unless I see who is threatening you, for how much and their own references. If there is one thing that has disappointed me over the years, it is the inexplicable failure of those who contact me for help to then do NOT send me a copy of whatever has troubled them. What on earth possessed these people to ask for help and then not supply me with the information that I need to assist them. It is they and not me that has the problem, but they just shy away. Why I wonder - what do they expect us to do for them? ALL advice is free so - but there is a caveat. Remember it is YOU who has the problem and that you came to me for help, so please do not treat my requests for further information with contempt or silence as it will only be those who act in this strange way who will suffer TALKING ON THE PHONE IS A VERY LIMITED OPTION - YOU MUST SEND COPIES OF IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS Please also note that we cannot comment on any letters you have received until I have seen them. Sending them costs nothing.



Surely a solicitor can help? You would think so, but this isn't usually the case. Parking enforcement has its own set of unique rules which few solicitors are aware of as they do NOT fall within the civil procedures rules (CPR) that courts are led by, consequently few solicitors have little or no knowledge of how best to deal with parking or minor traffic enforcements infringements. Furthermore, few can be bothered to deal with such small cases. and if they do, then a fee of £500 is not unusual and few will - if any - offer a guarantee a successful outcome. Fair Parking offers a money back guarantee in the event of a county court judgment. It takes a specialist with detailed knowledge of these little known rules to know how best to defend people who find themselves at loggerheads with these uncommon rules and procedures and Fair Parking has spent the last 16 years carefully studying this strange little alcove. as well has intimately helping hundreds of people each year. I have attended many courts over the years, watched many highly trained solicitors and barristers make a hash of prosecuting, sat alongside the Attorney General's solicitor and was part of a campaign which later called a halt to bailiffs using the police to stop vehicles on the street. All this unique experience is now exercised daily to prevent more mayhem. One example led to a judge reporting the activities of a director of one bailiff company to higher court authority.


We Fight Exclusively For You

It takes a specialist with detailed knowledge of parking enforcement rules to know how best to defend people who find themselves at the mercy of these little known rules and procedures, Fair Parking has spent the last 15 years carefully studying this strange little alcove. Our advice is FREE, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today.



You have reached the most comprehensive guide and website for combating alleged parking and minor traffic contraventions.The website is designed to keep you OUT of court and thus does NOT cause you any stress.


Money Back Guarantee

Few solicitors can be bothered to deal with such small cases, and if they do then a fee of £500 is not unusual and few, if any, offer a guarantee of a successful outcome. Fair Parking offers a unique money back guarantee in the event of failure. We promise that nobody who has ever issued a court summons has ever succeeded in getting a CCJ once against our clients.

Do you know the difference?

Don’t let today’s cowboys swindle you out of your hard earned money. One has more authority than the other, the left hand one is council produced as thus has limited authority – whilst the other is from a cowboy private parking company and clearly uses empty threats to frighten people. They go as far as to imitate the councils PCNs, unfortunately these scare tactics work.

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