31 October 2019


Having over 10 years experience in preventing parking enforcement in all its nasty forms of puerile intimidation - one question stands out above all else and that is 'Do these ignorant and bombastic enforcers ever learn anything?'  The answer is 'no' - 2 dimensional creatures have no capacity to learn anything, thus expecting them to learn from their mistakes is a bit like expecting a rabid dog to let go of a bone in its mouth. These people have a thoughtless view  of their own imagined superiority over ordinary folk based on their very  limited experience in parking enforcement and absolutely none at all in law. Private Parking Companies (PPCs) set traps  for motorists  knowing full well that these are akin to a spider and a fly following the issue of a Parking Charge Notice which despite the sham appearance of having an appeals system then compound that arrogance with a failure to have the remotest understanding of the laws which govern their behavior. Trapping these idiots with their own stupidity is daily occurrence. Preventing them from gaining anything from their hopelessly inadequate attempts to procure money from their victims is the reason why Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions exists - and of course there is great satisfaction from  watching them  disappear silently into the night with their tails between their legs.

Bailiffs are just as easily rebuffed despite their bullying and intimidating methods which many take delight in practicing at will except that quite literally none of them will have any legal authority to even visit their victims let alone attempt any enforcement. This is scam carried out on a national basis. the misused ANPR device detected the vehicle on thge day be

1 November 2019

They are very good at turning up unannounced on doorsteps at 6am in the morning - indeed this is second nature to bullying  bailiffs/enforcement officers acting as agents  for councils or local authorities, especially within the home counties . Even before knocking on doors, they will have clamped the vehicle they targeted and expect to be handed large sums of money or threaten to take the vehicle. They won't be interested in anything the half asleep occupant has to say, indeed they won't be bothered if a child answers the door. Being self employed bounty hunters they won't care about anybody in the house - let alone what they say. It's a pre-arranged ambush.  Start time is 6am for these chancers who will try to maintain that they stumbled across the vehicle using their in van Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) computer - except that these nocturnal ferrets did NOT stumble across the vehicle that morning, ANPR had found its location at least the day before or even earlier than that. Some even drive past a few times to that they can be reasonably sure it will be within a few yards of where it was detected when they decide to pounce in their early morning raids. Supposed 'warrant's' only ever appear after the vehicles have been clamped, rather than before as the law requires. 6am is the perfect time for these creatures of the night to spring their traps. Nobody about, nobody who is affected will have a hope of attracting any help or even contacting any authority for confirmation of the validity of the action. Job done. Up to £623 in pocket or vehicle towed away for later sale. Easy money eh!What a job! Even a dumbkoff thinking he is cleverer than the victim can laugh driving away with this scam. Well - not any more - no matter what their employers have told them. 

Now I wouldn't want to connect or accuse any company with such malpractice, but Equita, JBW, Marston, Newlyn, Phoenix and Task all have close connections and contracts with London local authorities. It is also a co-incidence that Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions has written to a number of bailiff companies explaining why they have no genuine warrants of control other than those that appear on bailiff smart phones after they were requested by the from the front line bailiff, but the source of which can only ever be traced back as far as the bailiff company itself which has all purchased digital templates from the same private company. The bailiff never has a warrant on him at the time of clamping and needed help from his in house 'cavalry', Only when the bailiff company has been contacted by the minion holding a smart phone does a 'warrant' suddenly appear from the bailiff company and no other source. Amazing ain it!After this example of crude 'smoke and mirrors' tactics,  bailiff company typists become very busy individuals without realizing that they are breaking the law as bailiff companies are NOT permitted to prepare warrants. 

Once Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions writes to various unnamed bailiff companies explaining why in great detail why they have been exposed, we are NEVER challenged -let alone offered an explanation as to how this wondrous act of 'magic' is performed - not once. not ever. The bailiff company simply slinks back into the night, never to be heard of again and the enforcement simply stops without explanation.

Now that's job done!

2 November 2019

Warped bailiff company attempts at fraud are one thing, but nowadays an even bigger menace comes from Private Parking Companies, their solicitors and associated debt collecting agencies who do not need warrants but who do need county court judgments (CCJs) in their favour and whose main weapon is the threat of obtaining a CCJ which these con men state will affect people's credit rating - something many people worry about. Their tactics starts with letters demanding anything between £50 and £100 and which quickly rise to around £160. They also falsely  claimed that their demands by the 2015 Supreme Court judgment in Parking Eye v Beavis. This is a classic  example of jumping on the bandwagon by persons who have't got the foggiest idea what the case was all about - but it appears to be an  opportunity too good to miss. Following this misjudged piece of lemming  like behavior is a road to nowhere  by the less than intelligent copycats. People are then threatened by the issue of a court summons  - typically for around £250. 

The most notorious companies are ParkingEye who issue around 30,000 summonses a year and who were instrumental in bringing the Beavis case followed by another particularly nasty company called Vehicle Control Services of Sheffield whose claim to disgrace was to obtains a judgment for £24,000 in Dundee's Sheriff's Court and then bankrupt he individual concerned. Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions as constantly seeing summonses from both these chancers who know damn  well exactly what they are doing and who carry on regardless any way. However once a  Defence is written by Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions the cases are NEVER pursued by either of these shameless , conniving companies. They know only too well the obstacles that they are going to face in court as our 50 paragraph  Defence cites the findings of no less than four county court judges complete with case numbers and named courts plus the reasons as to why the Beavis case is irrelevant to any company chasing more than £85. 

To finish we received more speculative claims from another bunch of con men called the 'Sheriff's Office' operating out of London and who advertise on social media . Hello - anybody home? Sheriffs were abolished in England centuries ago excepting for ceremonial duties - including that of the office of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

These brazen idiots will try anything, after all its only YOUR money that will suffer if you do nothing. They won't care as its how they earn money for their obnoxious 'services'

3 November 2019

ALL enforcements start with a NOTICE whether it is from a local authority's back office agent masquerading as the 'council' itself or via a private parking company's demand letter so the senders must know of the value of a notice. They also know that the only response a notice requires is acquiescence to their demand which is almost  certainly for money. However the senders of such trite rarely - if ever - understand the power of notices sent to them. In short, they believe that they can kick out. but not be kicked. This  blind spot that attempts to re-write reality.

Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions first response this form of bullying is that they have no case to continue. Occasionally we do get responses, usually on the lines of refusing to answer due to 'data protection issues' It never occurs to those who have sent out notices that our Notice  is just that - and not an invitation to a discussion! Data protection is not affected by notices as they do not require any response, something that seems to drift above the heads of these 2 Dimensional creatures. One dimension they are missing is that by pointlessly complaining about receiving a notice,  they compound their error by contacting PEDS and thus thoughtlessly revealing that the Notice in their possession has been received - which is precisely the ONLY requirement of a notice. If only silly responses were intelligence.

Nor do the recipients of our Notices seem to have any comprehension that if they take the matter to court as their notice threatened to, then they will have to stand in front of a judge and explain their case to the court giving good reasons why the points outlined in the Notice they received can be dismissed. Needless to say, nothing further is ever heard from them again.

4 November 2019

I must confess that I find that the must frustrating and annoying aspect of offering the most comprehensive and effective defence to parking and minor traffic enforcement is the failure of those who took the trouble to  contact Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions (PEDS) for help to send the requested copy of the very documentation that caused them the problem in the first place. A problem that will persist until those with problem do more about it than make just one phone call. Nothing can be achieved until PEDS writes to the those who enjoy their  imagined power of control over their victims. It isn't PEDS who has a problem - it is those who felt the need to contact this service in the first place.

As sending a copy of the documentation via email is both instant and  free , you will forgive me in having difficulties in understanding why  sending the required documentation is a problem at all. There cannot be any protection for those who imagine silence is an easier option. Help me to help yourself or suffer the continued wrath of the bullies.

8 November 2019


 The most natural thing for most people to do one they have received a ticket and particularly one that is unjustified - is to appeal it. Sorry, but that is a waste of time. In every single case - whether it has been written by a company connected to a local authority or by a private parking company, the issuers - are not bothered whether it is justified or not. It's part of a money making scam. In the case of a private parking company you would asking the company to forego it's ill gotten gains and given that they act as judge and jury - perhaps you can work out the inevitable result. It's not much better when a council warden issues a ticket given that the companies who tender for council parking contracts do so on the basis of 'maximising the councils revenue'. To cancel a ticket is hardly likely to achieve that is it? However motorists do have the occasional protection of an independent parking adjudicator.

However - its not whether the ticket is valid or no that counts - or whether it has been issued correctly that matters. The ONLY question that matters is whether it can be enforced - which in ALL cases, it can't and unless it can the ticket is not worth the paper it is written on. So why bother to appeal tickets that cannot be enforced? People need to understand that appeals in any form are akin to fighting the wrong battle in the wrong filed ans as such appealing tickets IS a waste of time. It is only the attempted enforcement and the unsavory methods used that are important and which must be prevented.

17 November 2019


The most common trick amongst bailiff companies is the their pathetic belief that they can pretend that they have a 'warrant' - very often alleged to have come from the Traffic Enforcement Centre based in Northampton who never issue 'warrants' -or even more stupidly - claiming to have one from Northampton County Court which isn't even part of the traffic enforcement system. One particularly nasty company is Proserve who were described by High Court judge as 'terrorising the population of Carmarthenshire'. Seven years later they
clearly have failed to learn anything from the High Court judgment made against them for £3,200.

Their latest escapade was to produce an in house 'warrant' with NO LESS than 11 ignorant errors on it. When this was pointed out to this Colwyn Bay based outfit and specifically addressed to its managing director, the points were ignored. Sorry Sir - ignoring the law on enforcement does not help you one iota. Carry on if you think that putting this proverbial paper bag over your head is going to help you.

Little wonder the court gave Proserve a good kicking. It is no more than they deserve. Beware that this obnoxious  outfit has spread its tentacles over both Wales and Devon