The DVLA's Dubious Role  In Parking  and Other
Alleged Road Contraventions

None of this would be possible without the willing assistance of the DVLA which stores your private details on a database and is therefore subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. However the DVLA simply ignores its statutory obligations under these European human rights legislations which this country's government freely signed up to abide by, hence the creation of the Information Commissioner's Office to oversee these legal obligations, but who somehow and quite inexplicably treat the DVLA as an exception to its own enforcement procedures.

The whole purpose of the Data Protection 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 is to make our lives safer, but the DVLA has turned this obvious and easily achievable objective into a vehicle whereby for a cheap bribe of £2.50  it will automatically divulge your private data to anybody who asks for it and will unquestionably do that without either your knowledge or consent usually by others whose purpose is to do you harm. In anybody's eyes that would be a
strange application of statutes introduced to protect the people. This leaves the door open to those who make their money by using these shortcoming to take advantage to cause unnecessary stress and worry by doing harm to innocent people, often via the use of bullying tactics and unethical behavior - most noticeably by greedy private parking companies, - or worse - self employed commission only individuals not as appointed bailiffs but merely licensed as one. No matter how much they pretend otherwise. these agents are NOT officials and especially NOT of any court. These licensees have merely obtained a court's permission to act as an agent. That permission or licence is only granted for a maximum of two years and can be withdrawn before this period ends upon receiving a complaint from a member of the public. This is a long, long way from being a 'court official' as many of these enforcement agents like to describe themselves. Smoke and mirrors is a far more apt description.

Further the DVLA astonishingly takes grave exception to those who try to assist those helping those who lives have been placed ion turmoil, using - in the DVLA's eyes - the 'questionable' method of taking the trouble to obtain the permission of those affected in order to blunt the bullies preying on those who have broken no laws. Their aggressive approach is 'normal' in the bizarre world of parking enforcement and as if that wasn't enough, it is then approved by the DVLA who supplies all the ammunition the bullies need. All this from anybody for a cheap £2.50

The 'Approved' Operators Scheme

If there was anything more than deceitful than the Approved Operators Scheme, then it is well hidden, as it is extremely difficult to find anything emphasizing the muddled thinking behind the application of the Data Protection Act 1998 and the General Data Protection Regulations 2018 more than the 'approved operators scheme' which effectively hands priority to parking enforcement companies who are members of the British Parking Association or Independent Parking Committee over ordinary members of the public. No part of the Data Protection Act 1998 describes any such concession. In short some buffoons within the DVLA idiotically imagine that this delusional but barmy two tier system enables the Acts to be conveniently misinterpreted in order to allow some enquirers of the DVLA to be treated as being more equal than others!

It should also be understood that that both the BPA and IPC are simply private companies who both imagine that they can dictate to a government agency as to how it should conduct its affairs - and the DVLA appears to sanction this outrageous and unlawful delusion. That the BPA itself isn't all it seems was exposed in the spring of 2018 when its chief executive was convicted of 'outraging public decency' at Westminster Magistrates Court by filming up ladies skirts. Trust in the BPA and all other enforcers was immediately put into doubt. The BPA also tried to influence the DVLA back in 2011 by complaining that Fair Parking (the forerunner of Parking Enforcement Defence Solutions) was offering a scheme whereby motorists could register their vehicles at a contactable address other than their own, hence avoiding parking tickets which at best are only ever unproven accusations. They failed. To date nobody - not even the DVLA - has convinced the government to change that law.

The Times Investigation & Article of 2015 Exposed DVLA lies

Up to this point one could be forgiven for thinking that what has been written on this website so far, sounds implausible and that if there had been any errors by the DVLA, they had been genuine because essentially the DVLA is an honest government agency we all trust to do its best. Unfortunately that is difficult to now justify following an investigation by 'The Times' - perhaps this country's most respected newspaper - which delved into the services being offered by Fair Parking. The Times contacted the DVLA in April 2015 and asked seemingly reasonable questions. Initially the DVLA was asked if it had been contacted by the BPA in 2011 over the use of 'contactable addresses'. It vehemently and consistently denied that it had, but when finally confronted with its own internal correspondence obtained by Fair Parking and later supplied to The Times, it was forced to admit that it had actually discussed the matter with the BPA and that Fair Parking was quite within the law to offer the registration scheme the DVLA could do nothing about. The validity of the scheme was put to The Times' lawyers who in turn confronted the DVLA wioh its own forgotten written evidenced before the article exposing the DVLA's lies was published on April 18 2015. The DVLA neither protested nor threatened legal action and the BPA has yet to persuade the government to change the law. 'Embarrassment' is a term which springs to mind

One aspect that needs resolving, is why ordinary members of the public should trust either the DVLA or its approved operators who must be breaking the law thousands of times a day in order to make it easier for their operatives to either bully or otherwise act illegally against those who should otherwise have nothing to fear. That is why there is an answer to all this insanity. Liars, bullies and cheats are always caught out when directly confronted with the reality of a tight defence and reality.

So many blind eyes fail to spot the blatantly obvious including that of the Information Commissioners Office whose own written directive of 23rd April 2009 is simply ignored by those charged with the legal duty to protect us.
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